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Courses at the OSM

Probationary Course 1 & 2

There are 3 parts to the training which is designed to be flexible and varied so it suits all styles of learning.


Probationary 1 involves a morning in the classroom, going through basic safety and the different types of shooting that is available.   The afternoon has a trip to the Zero range and gun cleaning.


You then need to attend 6 shoots, where the essential skills of shooting will be taught and signed off as you do them by senior members of the clulb. Probationary 2 course involves the study of calibres, ammunition and some of the more advanced techniques.   Part 3 is  a practical walk-though assessment of rifle handling and proving your skills to date.

Target Shotgun : Basic And Advanced

Target & Practical shotgun are a fast-growing sport.  Shooting round, up and over obstacles. Standing, kneeling, lying down,  loading on the move. !  Shooting steel, paper and knock-down targets make this sport so exciting that you cant help but smile (the big cheesy grin factor).  

During training you use a section 2 shotgun, which allows you to use up to 3 shots of standard cartridges.  Once qualified you can apply for a section 1 shotgun so that you can fire multiple shots, including buck shot, bird shot and slug.

Vermin Course

For people who need to control vermin, we have a course that covers all the basics of safety, identfication of quarry, the law and the right calibre /ammo to use.    In the afternoon there is a practical demonstration in the use of vehicles for night shooting and the necessary equipment to take with you.   In the evening we go to a local farm to identify and shoot at various simulated targets.  

Re-Loading Course

Re-loading your own ammunition can give you exceptional accuracy and a very relaxing hobby.  Ammunition is tailored to your own firearm, with just the right amount of ingredients to take you one big step ahead of using factory issue.  There is kit to buy but it is a good investment in future savings and immensely satsifying to know that your work produces such noticeable results.

McQueen Skills

A4 size target at 300 yards with a 3 second exposure in windows or battlement on a simulated castle.

Precision shooting at its best.

Shotgun Skills

The art of hitting a moving target is one of the most rewarding yet challenging sports.  The three main disciplines are Trap, Skeet and Sporting.  They all come with their own special rules, range layouts and skills.  The Olympic games recognises Trap and Skeet, with British competitors achieving rewards on a regular basis.

The shotgun courses are led by Dan Archer, a long time expert in DTL, Helice (ZZ), UT, Double trap and Sporting.  Dan's approach to teaching these disciplines gets results and puts a smile on your face.

Quality Training

Pistol Reloading

The Club RO course is for anyone who wants to know more about running a range.  The information in these courses is invaluable in understanding the bigger picture about the issues involved in keeping people safe on the ranges.

We have 2 courses in butchery.

The first is about jointing meat for the best yield from the Deer or Lamb.

The second covers Rabbits, Pheasant, Partridge, Duck etc.



Club RO

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First Aid Course

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First Aid course for those who use shooting ranges or spend time out in the field. EFR certificated course covering CPD, Serious Bleeding, Shock, Recovery position, Choking, AED. All the primary aid skills, AED and intro to Secondary aid.

The courses are certificated by EFR (the training arm of PADI).

The standard qualification is for Primary Aid with AED (Automatic External Defibrillator). If there is time (depends on numbers), an intro to Secondary Aid can be included.

Loading Pistol Calibres is a very different skill.  Learn more about this fascinating hobby and improve your re-loading knowledge and skills