The Old Sergeants Mess SC


Membership of the Old Sergeants Mess is open to any individual of good standing who wishes to take part in the sport of shooting.

We have membership for Rifle  and Shotgun Shooters, as well as those who prefer the challenge of the Sporting targets, so we believe that we have something to offer everyone.


We have a fabulous clubhouse,  a wide range of events, trips abroad, firearms storage, good food, expert advice from long term members, access to advice and support and a log fire in the winter.  In fact all the things that you should expect from a professional club, approved by the Home Office and based at the National Shooting Centre in Bisley, Surrey, UK.



As A Home office approved club, we abide by the UK law relating to firearms.  All applications are sent to Firearms Licensing for permission to proceed with a membership.  If you have had issues with the Police in the past, or certain types of medical issues, then we may not be able to process your application, but we are always happy to talk to you about membership.  This process protects us all.  

We have a probationary membership process that applies to all applicants.  During this time we will carefully guide you through the membership process and ensure that all persons accepted to full membership are those that we all feel comfortable with on the ranges.  


If you would like to apply for membership of the OSM, then you can download a membership form here

OSM Membership Application Individuals 2019