The Old Sergeants Mess SC

One-to-One Tuition

Sometimes you just need some dedicated time to work on your shooting skills.  The OSM offers quality tuition in a variety of shooting sports.  Our coaches have specialised skills that they are happy to pass on to those who want to rise above the crowd.  Talk to us about your particular needs and we will do what we can to sort a time and a place to work on your excellence.

dan face

Dan Archer.


Dan starting shooting with his father at 8 years old.  His father was a serving solider in Germany, so Dan grew up around guns and has dedicated his life to shooting excellence.

For many years Dan competed in Shotgun competitions around the country, specialising in Helise and Sporting, achieving recognition amongst his peers.   Dan was he Chief Coach at the NCSC Bisley for many years before taking over ownership of the OSM.   Dan is an RFD (Registered Firearms Dealer) and an accomplished Rifle and Pistol shooter.

Dan teaches the probationary courses as well as the Vermin and Target shotgun.

Jan with trophy

Jan Berry


Jan has had a long career with the armed forces, serving in a number of regiments, before taking up a post as Instructor to Birmingham Officer Cadets.  He recently retired from the Army and now focuses his time on private instruction.

He has a long and celebrated career shooting the McQueen competition, which involves acquiring a moving target and shooting it with impressive accuracy.

Jan teaches the probationary and McQueen courses.